Everyday cheaper!

In our shops items are selling with start price 7.70Eur and 5.50Eur for piece in first day of collection. After that price is decreasing every day. Fully new collection goes in shops 1st and 16th date of month, discounts on last day of sale 90% from the start price.

For example, if you saw item and enjoy in first day of collection, item costs 7.70Eur, so in final day of collection you can buy it for 0.77Eur.

Many frequent buyers goes in our shops only on first day of collection in the early morning with target to find something special. Maybe its needed to follow their experience and go to store exactly in the first day of collection when store is full with new items and in very big difference maybe you will find your special item.

As well in shops on daily base are added new goods. That give opportunity to buy something on discounts.

Can be said that each time going in our shops you participate in some kind of auction. Clothes which you liked tommorow can cost cheaper, but maybe it can be already bought by someone today. If you find item you really like and enjoy, try to not lose it, because 90% of our goods are  single-piece items.

When you buy clothes in KiloMax store, with very big probability you can be sure: same item you will never see on the someone!